- If you want your problems and problems
of the city to be heard by City Council of
Brooklyn Park, and if you want to get real
help in resolving them, vote for Yelena S.

- If you want to help Yelena S. Kurdyumova
really reduce crime rate in Brooklyn Park,
promote police reform and racial justice,
create new jobs for Brooklyn Park
residents, attract new small and average
businesses, such as restaurants, shops,
repair shops, child care...., to Brooklyn
Park, stop taxes on homes from going up
every year, clean our parks of trash and
drug traffic, be in contact with her via
contact page, mail, telephone.
Send her your proposals, ideas and
concerns which were not resolved by City
Departments - Licensing, Code
enforcement, Police, etc. Send her copies
of your inquiries into City Departments and
answers which you received.

Make a note on your calendar to come to
your polling place
on April 13, 2021 and
VOTE for Yelena S. Kurdyumova  
150 residents from all three district of Brooklyn Park, approved her program, real ways to
implement it, and signed her nomination petition for Mayor of Brooklyn Park.
If you are interested in real improvement of life in Brooklyn Park -
- stopping growth of taxes on homes and small businesses, taxation of big companies instead;
- attraction of new businesses;
- returning trust to police through its reform and racial justice;
- eliminating potential causes leading to racial and national conflicts;
- reservation of funds in city budget for adaptation of residents and small businesses to life
and work in conditions of COVID-19 pandemic.
- reduction of crime by stopping the flow of renters with bad criminal background into the city
by enacting of new city rule obligating landlords to do renters’ background checks and submit
them to the City along with lease agreements;
- improvement of control on city rules enforcement;
Than you must vote for Yelena S. Kurdyumova for Mayor of Brooklyn Park at
Brooklyn Park muniipal primaries on April 13, 2021!
Please go to the next page to learn more about candidate for City Council of Brooklyn Park
Yelena S. Kurdyumova and her
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Yelena is one of 7 candidates to vacant seat of
Brooklyn Park Mayor.This is the right time to
make the right choice!
Click to see
Yelena's program and ways of its
If you recently moved into Brooklyn Park you must
register as a voter by mail, on line, or in person at
your poling place on the election day.
Use this link
to register           on-line   
If you didn't vote previous 4 years, your address has
changed, or you changed your name, you should go
check your registration, and if no, register
again. Use above links to register on on-line.
General Link How to Register
If you missed time to register as a voter in advance,
don't hesitate and go to you poling place on election
day and register there!
See what ID or document
you can use for this.
Find time to go by this link and find the place
where you will vote, using your zip code.
Absentee/early voting SEE MORE
February 26        Absentee ballot voting begins for
Special Primary Election
March 23        Last day for voters to pre-register for
the Special Primary Election
April 6        Direct Balloting period begins (Voters can
submit ballots in voting tabulator)
April 12        In-person absentee voting for the Special
Primary Election closes at 5 p.m.
April 13        Special Primary Election Day
June 25        Absentee ballot voting begins for
Special Election
August 10        Special Election Day
If you moved in recently and have lived
20 days in Brooklyn Park but aren't registered to vote
yet, you can still use in-person absentee voting. You
need to bring your picture ID and a current bill with
your address in Brooklyn Park, same
as on election day
. Check required documents
by this link
Absentee ballot applications are available on the
City's web site.
Election officials will mail the absentee ballot
materials to you soon after receiving your application.
 Dear friends, residents of Brooklyn Park!
Vote for me and use your chance to clean Brooklyn Park of crime, to stop growth of taxes on our
homes, to clean parks of trash and drug trafficking.
I remember what you reported to me and what I documented listening to you: cars stolen from your
driveways and garages, homes and business offices broken in, cars broken in and tools and
equipment stolen, bicycles stolen from garage racks, damaged fences, bad work of the Police and
Code Enforcement and Public Health Department, trash and drug traffic in the parks, absence of
lights in the parks.
And I remember how you approved of my initiative to introduce a new city rule
obligating landlords to do criminal background checks of their prospective renters and submitting it
to the city, which may become the key point for real reduction of crime in our city.  
I spoke to thousands of households in Brooklyn Park since my first election campaign in 2014 up to
present. I remember your wry smiles and laughs when I showed to you distributed by city
employees banner, stating that
“92% proud to live in Brooklyn Park” and that the city has “lowest
crime rate in 30 years
.” I remember your statements: "it isn't true, crime is growing in the city, we
don't belong to this 92%, we try to hide, when asked, that we live in Brooklyn Park, because of its
I remember your questions if I knew the nickname of Brooklyn Park, which is called "Crooklyn park"
by people from the neighboring cities.  
I want to change this. I want Brooklyn Park to get positive image of the city safe to live and to have
business in.
Yelena S. Kurdyumova
Yelena S. Kurdyumova - Independent candidate for Mayor of Brooklyn Park
Mayor's seat in Brooklyn Park is vacant now!
Former Mayor Jeff Lande was elected to Hennepin County Board of Commissioners and
resigned from the Mayor's position on January 3, 2021
Vote for Yelena at special primary election on April 13, 2021!
And then at special election on August 10, 2021!
Yelena S. Kurdyumova is the only right candidate for mayor of Brooklyn Park  She has got
clear, precise and coherent program of changing life in Brooklyn Park for the better and
improving its image.
Yelena knows main city problems and ways to resolve them, having discussed them since
2014 with thousands of constituents. As small business owner she has got skills necessary
for successful work in City Council. She does business planning, accounting, negotiates
agreements, signs contracts. She is professional interpreter, teacher, expert in multicultural
diversity, university graduate with 2 Master’s degrees, member of American Translators
Association, served in Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commission and on Hennepin County
Human Resources Board.
or lose!
On March 16, 2021 Mayoral
Candidates Forum was held in
Brooklyn Park City Hall. All 7
candidates took part in the Forum.
Listen to Yelena Kurdyumova's
statements at the Forum which
clearly outline her agenda aimed at
making Brooklyn Park better place to
live and work.
In a week, on March 23, 2021, Yelena,
among 5 candidates out of 7, took part in
Candidate  Forum organized by Beyond
Media Solutions and Mshale newspaper.
Watch the Forum on Facebook.
Agendas of all seven candidates
participating in special election for Mayor
of Brooklyn Park in 2021 look alike.
only Yelena S. Kurdyumova
realizes the importance of Marihuana
Legalization Bill
initiated by Minnesota
House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler. This
bill aimed to expand legal products will
create rules for micro-businesses and
craft market in the city.
    The bill will expunge most convictions related to marijuana automatically, provide assistance and
training to small businesses, require testing and labeling for products, restrict dosage size, prevent
access by too young people, let people grow limited amounts at home.
    During the candidate forum on March 23, 2021, held by  Beyond Media Solutions and Mshale,
Yelena said that Marijuana Legalization Bill will open new legal opportunities for Brooklyn Park small
businesses, marijuana dispensaries.
    Brooklyn Park residents won’t have to go to other states like South Dakota to buy cannabis but will
buy locally and leave their money in the city where they live. Legal marijuana businesses will pay
taxes, and Brooklyn Park budget will get better money flow.
    The budget will grow without increasing property taxes for homeowners. For too long the
legislature has been blind to the effects which marijuana prohibition had on many of our communities
of color.
    New smart bill will address inequities in our criminal justice system, address the harms caused by
cannabis, ensure better outcomes for small businesses and our community overall.
 As Mayor Yelena will support small businesses engaged in growing marijuana or synthesizing
cannabinoids (THC and CBD), production of oil, different ointments, candy, smoking mixtures, and
selling these marijuana-based products.
Watch and Listen Yelena's statements at the Candidate Forum on the Facebook
On March 29, 2021,Yelena made
an important
statement on
Runglobalmedia channel about her
agenda after Marijuana
Legalisation Bill, initiated by
Minnesota House majority leader
Ryan Winkler, becomes a law.